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Hello and welcome to Neutronic Nomad! This is a place for exchange. You are warmly invited to explore this place and catch some inspiration. Below you will find some categories, such as an open-access journal, a science section, thoughts about phd/post-doc life, and music. A click on the respective icon guides you to the different sections.

In every section you have the possibility to contribute something and to become a member of a growing community of young, diverse, and open-minded people. You give something, and in turn you receive something. What you give, and what you receive is up to you.

In case of questions, suggestions, and input of all kind reach out to me via TwitterlinkedIN, or mail.

Ocean and sand


aknownspace is an open access, multilingual, interdisciplinary creative and social arts platform. A changing agenda of the monthly appearing issues, which is discussed within our network, enables to stage and share the work from as many fields and disciplines as possible. 

We wish to create a living space for young and open-minded people, where you could talk about whatever moves you and makes you think. A known space to undress the many layers of thoughts, without being necessarily complete or too critical.

Contributions may be written, recorded, performed, or directed by individual, groups and communities (in any language) Talk to us about your contributions and we can help you shape it and support you in any way you would like.

Submitted work is handled, edited and curated by an international community of individuals across cultural and professional domains.

Sand and ocean


I am a soft matter physicist at the Chair of Functional Materials at the Technical University of Munich.

My main research focus lies on the behavior of responsive polymer thin films upon changing external stimuli such as humidity, temperature, vapor compositions, and salt concentration. An elegant way of monitoring the behavior of polymer films in-situ is the use of neutron and x-ray scattering techniques.

In a second project, I develop a flexible sample environment for the SKADI beamline at the European Spallation Source, which is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden.

For questions and interests of all kind don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Or find me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar

Clear water at the beach

about phd life

A phd is the ultimate achievement in academia, but being a phd student requires a tremendous level of dedication, resilience, and perseverance.

The constant emotional stress of daily failure and rejection, meeting tight deadlines, and hard relationships with supervisors are overwhelming. The inveterate lack of support for graduate students in the academic system results in more and more students who show a risk of a psychiatric disorder, especially depression.

To increase awareness and improve the phd experience of current and future phd students, I want to generate a collection of „how to survive your phd“! You are invited to share your personal (positive and negative) phd experiences, your little tricks to keep you motivated, and what advices you can give to other phd students.

You can tag me on Twitter (@neutronic_nomad) or send me a mail. Your input and contribution is highly appreciated!